The Freyja Project


January 24th to 26th, 2020

We are a holding a weekend long
educational event at the The Freyja Project Inc.

Presenters • Activities • Discussion Groups • Two Play Parties and So More!

Tentative Schedule

11:30 - DOORS OPEN
Welcome & 1:15pm - 1:15pm
Classes 2:00pm to 5:30pm
Dinner Break 5:30 pm to 7pm
7pm New Member Orientation
Grind - DJ Amazinglovegristle 7pm - 1am

9:30am - DOORS OPEN
Classes 10:00am to 5:30pm
Dinner Break 5:30pm - 7pm
Grind - DJ Spike72 7pm - 1am

9:30am - DOORS OPEN

Classes 10:00am - 3:15pm
Closing Ceremony 3:15pm

Meal Plan Menu Info Coming Soon
Friday - Dinner
Saturday - Lunch & Dinner
Sunday - Snacks

WinterFest Class Presenters

Ann-Marie and Fraggle

Bio: Ann-Marie (pronouns: she/her) - Ann-Mare is a queer, female-identified, kinkster and non-monogamist who loves teaching, hot baths, and fiction in all its forms. Committed to fair and just practices in love and life, Ann-Marie resides in Madison by way of Louisiana with her spouse, Fraggle, and her partner, Gette, and a wonderful collection of weirdos she calls family.

Bio: Fraggle (pronouns: they/them) - Fraggle is a long-time queer kinkster of color and non-monogamist who loves long-form investigative journalism, anthropology, and art in all its forms.  Committed to fair and just practices in love and life, Fraggle resides in Madison by way of Cairo and New York City with their spouse, Ann-Marie, and their partner, Gette, and a wonderful collection of weirdos they call family.

Loving Failure When Humiliation Is Not Your Kink
It's like sex and money - nobody talks about it and we're socialized to be ashamed of it. It’s how we learn. It's how we infer learning and *intelligence* in non-human animals (ferchristsake!) Ann-Marie and Fraggle will talk about why you should be okay with failing, learning to deal with failure, and how to negotiate and structure planned failure for the betterment of your life and relationships.

Sex, Gender, Orientation - The Basics 
Wait? Sex and gender are different?! Sexual orientation -- a whole other kettle of fish! Seriously, this entire class is absolute basics on all fronts. If folks leave feeling confident in anything, it should be in our collective ignorance of these subjects.


Bio: Benny is a kinkster with nearly two decades of experience in the BDSM community. He works for Galleria Domain 2 in Chicago and is the collared boy of Violet Frenzy. Benny's kink interests include power exchange, ageplay, service submission, and emotional SM. Benny is also a blogger at The Orbit, blogging about environmental science, neurodiversity, polyamory, and transgender issues.

Warm Wet and Squishy - Diaper Play
Diapers aren't just for babies! This class will cover the use of diapers and related attire as tools for enhancing kink for a wide range of interests. If your scene involves ageplay, humiliation, long term bondage, or many other interests, you can use diapers to enhance that scene. Come to learn about how to get the most out of your kink with this fun tool and learn about the production options available and which may work best for your play style.

Harm Reduction and Risk Mitigation in Kink
Many of the things we do in kink carry with them risks, including physical, emotional, and social risks. This class will use the lens of harm reduction to build tools for individual decision making, negotiation between partners, and considering community norms and expectations related to risk. We will look at harm reduction philosophies from other communities, such as environmental theory and drug users, to find healthier frameworks for considering risk and harm in kink.


Bio: D__ started practicing 'lower grade' kink over twenty years ago within the bedroom, a fascination which became more serious back in 2014. A British Dom with a love of power exchange, he has been an active part of the Milwaukee kink community for over three years, where he discovered a passion for flogging and rediscovered rope. When not at kink events he can usually be found eating cheese and coleslaw sandwiches or smiling at all the doggos.

Basic & Intermediate Flogging: “Sock it to ‘em!”
This 1.5 hour combined class will cover 'almost everything' you need to scene using some one and two-handed rhythmical flogging techniques. We'll be breaking things down into easy to learn steps, with hands-on practice time intended to be continued at home, primarily covering the 4-point/2-beat-weave. Bring a pair of clean socks, around 16" in length, and floggers if you have them. We're not kidding about the socks though!

Note: You are urged take some form of consent and negotiation class before scening.

Intermediate & Advanced Flogging: "Be more interesting"
This 1.5 hour combined workshop take you beyond the standard, repetitive beat of a 4-point florentine, though learning that will be our starting point. We'll be breaking things down into easy steps, with hands-on practice time intended to be continued at home, and talking about ways to change and improve the rhythm and flow of your flogging. Things will be tailored to the participants, so if you’d like to learn anything specific or you're having trouble with something from another class, we can handle it in more depth here. Be prepared to share the things *you* do which make your flogging unique. Bring your floggers and, yes, a pair of clean socks, around 16" in length too!


Bio: Tom Hill aka The_Carnie founded a performance arts and entertainment company called The Carnival of Curiosity & Chaos, where him and his creative team built “WOW” happenings for various nightclubs and venues.  Featuring acts of aerial acrobatics, fire performing, escapes, circus, sideshow, and flesh hook suspension along with various types of fetish based acts. Tom has exploded out on the scene for his artistic hook suspension performance pieces. Tom is an experienced and licensed professional that has been working in the industry performing body piercings and body modifications since 2010. Tom has toured all over the country with national tattoo conventions, as well as lectured on Hook Suspension and Needle Play showcasing those skills nationwide. To him, it's not just another piercing, it is an unique and personal experience. Therefore, the specifics and details of each person in which Tom modifies are not only important, but is the basis of the quality work and open minded attitude when providing the fine body art. With absolute procession Tom skillfully executed needle piercings to create a complex and elaborate line work. The body is a resonating anchor point for the lines. His artistic vision crosses over into the care and attention to details with his piercings and needle play work. The connections are deeply evident when he works, tending to the safety and health of those who he suspends.

401 The Intrigue of Hook Suspension.
What is hook suspension all about? Discover the personal expansion and energy exchange that can be obtained through suspension. The class overviews how to prepare yourself and what to expect from flying in hooks. Workshop with a demonstration.

402 Explore your Own Curiosity of Flesh Hook Suspension
The act of suspension is hanging the body from hooks pierced through the flesh in various places around the body. Want to Suspend? There are many different reasons to suspend.  The reasons extend from wanting a pure adrenaline or endorphin rush, to conquering ones fears, to trying to reach a new level of spiritual consciousness. People suspend to attain some sort of experience: a deeper sense of themselves, a spiritual encounter, or a letting go not being complete inside their body. Some are looking to take control over their bodies, or are seeking to prove to themselves that they can live beyond the physical, perhaps disconnect from their bodies completely.  Finally, some simply seek to explore the unknown. Hook suspension experience for guest attending event option is available as well, including energy pulls.

201 The Cutting Edge, Body Modification:
Branding, Scarification, Cuttings, Removals & Mutilations.
Body modification is not really so strange within a culture where identity is often expressed through appearance—in mainstream society includes fashion consumption, cosmetic surgery, and botox. This is about intentional permanent or semipermanent alterations of the living body for ritual, folk medicine, aesthetics, or corporal punishment. This class we will cover that broad spectrum of why people do it pertaining to the various techniques of such an alteration.

Diva Electrique

Bio: Diva brings along with him a passionate devotion to electro-stimulation, latex fetish, and pleasure products.

Interested in kink since a young age, Diva has spent years gathering a wealth of knowledge and information, both from text and by play experience through a variety of sources within the kink community. After involving himself in several Wisconsin groups, he has now found his home and friends within the Madison and Fox Valley scenes. Shiny and zappy things have always held his fascination and revere, as Diva has dedicated many hours to discovering and inventing new ways of playing and displaying his electrical, latex and fetish fashion kinks.

A dungeon regular, always dressing in his most fabulous attire, and eager to demonstrate or inform to inquisitive kinksters, Diva is very excited to present once again for The Freyja Project. He is greatly looking forward to sharing his passion for latex fetish, along with the sensations of tingling, zapping, shocking, and of course, shiny toys with all who may be interested!

If it Conducts, it’s a Toy!: Electrical Sensation Play with Violet Wands
Have you ever heard the distinct crackle of an electric wand and wondered how it might feel? Or, are you looking to dive into the realm of electric kink and seeking inspiration in building your own kit? Perhaps you are new to playing with electricity and wish to learn more about how to get the best out of these wonderful little devices? If any of these apply, then perhaps this is a class for you!

In this interactive presentation, you will be provided with tips on how to pick the electrical wand that is right for your needs. Factors of safe play will be discussed as we work our way through the various techniques and sensations that a wand can provide along with the many different conductive toys that you can find in the least expected of places.

Perfect TENS: Electrical Sensation Play with Electro-stimulation Devices
Violet wands may be all the rage, but they are far from the only means to illicit some fabulous reactions from a willing participant. These “mostly” silent devices can really bring a whole new level to your play. By providing a nice constant buzz, or administering some very well-placed jolts to give your scene that special touch, intramuscular devices can be a wonderful addition to any toy chest.

In this course, we will discuss everything that you will need to add some current to your kink repertoire. Types of devices, costs, and skillful application will all be covered, as well as many of the DIY aspects that place intramuscular devices truly within a class all their own.

Glossy Deviance: An Introduction to Latex Kink and Fashion
Interested and new to latex and rubber but are unsure of what can get you started? Perhaps you have a general basis and want to further build upon your knowledge on what factors to consider in purchasing gear and garments? Does the notion of wearing such a slinky and tight material intrigue or excite you? How about fashion, gas masks, or perhaps even total, immobile enclosure?

During this interactive seminar, we will cover all of the basics with getting you started in experiencing your own latex-related interests. Aside from the essentials of care, maintenance, and storage of rubber and latex items, we will also explore types of gear and fashion, different grades of material, and the processing that can determine its longevity and durability.

In addition, we will also touch upon the foundation, process, and different tools needed should you decide to attempt to construct your own pieces in the future.


Bio: Ferrett Steinmetz is (or was) one of the most popular writers on FetLife, routinely racking up thousands of “loves” for his essays on polyamory. He’s been married to his wife for twenty years, dating his girlfriend for ten, and has been in stable relationships with several other people for over two years, so at least he knows how to run a Google Calendar.

For purposes of more literary aspirations, Ferrett Steinmetz is also a Nebula-nominated science fiction writer, with five books out. His latest, SOL MAJESTIC, is now available at all respectable bookstores and is a gay romance about a magnificent restaurant run in space - which is to say, a completely unmarketable book. He blogs on FetLife as theferrett, on Twitter as @Ferretthimself, and has a website at He lives in Cleveland with his wife, a small dog, and a quiet ghost. 

Wet With Words: Writing Effective Erotica
Whether it’s composing the hottest of sexts or just porning up your fanfic, there is an art to getting an audience aroused with mere words. Let professional author Ferrett Steinmetz – dubbed a “ninja sexter” by his lovers – discuss the techniques involved in taking your erotic writing to the next level.

Jealousy Is Not A Crime: Troubleshooting Broken Polyamory
If you’re dating multiple people, bumps will occur, sure as death and taxes. The question is, how do you figure out what’s wrong… and how do you repair the faults so that you emerge stronger and saner? Kinktastic writer Ferrett Steinmetz will lead a discussion about how to fight fairly, how to be respectful to all the people in your poly web, and how to create a solid set of deal breakers.

Ina Pickle

Bio: Ina Pickle is a bottom, masochist, and suspension switch out of Minneapolis. When they came into the scene, in the mid 2000’s, there were few resources for learning rope locally, and few to no formal opportunities to learn or teach bottoming skills. They began attending regional and national kink events in 2010, when they discovered the joys of demo bottoming but didn’t think of this as being an educator for many years.  Ina has always viewed themselves and other bottoms as part of the education process and is an advocate of the more recent movement towards providing education opportunities for bottoms. 

As long as Ina has been picking up skills and ideas, they have been bringing them, as well as their connections with other educators, back to their local community. Over the years they have been involved with facilitating many events locally, formerly MN Rope, Minneapolis Cigars, Boots, and Chocolate, Kinky U, Kink 1001, ASKEW, and currently Smitten Kitten Rope Practice and Twin Cities Rope Bite. They have a passion for creating spaces that are conducive to learning and exploration. Their style of teaching is patient and adaptive as they love to see people make connections with skills or concepts that they have been struggling with.

Rope Bondage Building Blocks
This class introduces students to different types of rope and their uses, rope bondage terminology, safety for tying and being tied, a column tie and a reverse tension chest harness. The intention of this class is to give students skills and knowledge that will give them a solid place to begin building their knowledge.

Creating with Columns
Many ties break down into a series of columns. This class will talk about breaking down ties into their respective columns, teach 2 standalone bowline columns and 2 inline column ties.Students will be introduced to the concepts behind creating their own stable ties as well as ways in which know ties can be used to adapt to different needs and preferences of people in rope.

Precision Tying
Every person who ties rope has gone through a phase in their rope tying career where they thought “I just wish I could tie my partner without fumbling.” Yes, even “Big Name”™ Rope tops, who have the books, the porn sites, the workshops, the YouTube channel. They all got to their level of tying with a lot of practice. In this all-levels bondage class students will be lead through a series of drills that help develop tension and speed while tying. Partners will have the opportunity to switch in this class.

Mistress Joy

Bio: Mistress Joy is non-binary domme and sadist with seventeen years of active kink experience. In addition to sensation play, her interests include bondage, humiliation, piercing, breath play, pony play, boot/foot worship, and service. Mistress Joy has provided mentoring to kinksters (newbie & non-) for much of her tenure in the scene. She believes that, as she is constantly learning about this fabulous outlet of sexual and personal expression, it is good karma to pass her knowledge on to others seeking to discover more about their own kinks and desires. Both voyeur and exhibitionist, Mistress Joy derives her name from her elated response when she fully releases her sadistic side with a willing victim. While it is often intense, for Mistress Joy, play is just that – a chance to release inhibitions and HAVE FUN!!

Navigating the Scene: Kinky socializing 101 - Co teaching with Mistress Mayhem

Mistress Mayhem

Mistress Mayhem is a photographer, educator, hedonist and lifestyle Mistress. She grew up in the Northeast, followed the rules, and did what was expected. She traded the white picket fence and her safe, corporate design career in Boston at the age of 32 for the life she lives now. With over 20 years of experience in BDSM, an active participant in the Madison Wisconsin scene. Mayhem is one of the five leaders of the Freyja Project, and one of four leaders of the event Deviance. Mayhem attends events all over the country learning and sharing what she knows. As someone who delves deep into the minds of her play partners she has something unique to contribute as an educator with her talent of "Mind Fuckery”.

Navigating the Scene: Kinky socializing 101 - Co teaching with Mistress Joy

Mistress Natalya

Bio: Mistress Natalya has been an active member of the Milwaukee, Chicago and Madison area communities for over 5 years. She is also the author of the Femdom fictional novel "And so it Began" as well as the facilitator of the F.R.E.E. (Femdom relationship education and exploration) group that meets at the Sanctuary 4 times a year. Grandwood has been active in many communities since the 1980s and is an established artist and maker of kink furniture and more.

The ins and ouches of CBT. YES
Have you wondered what kind of fun that can be done with the male cock and balls? Are you worried about taking it too far or not far enough? Do you get frustrated not knowing what toys to use or how to use them on a cock and balls? 

Mistress Natalya along with her slave, grandwood, discuss and demonstrate CBT techniques from beginner to advanced. Special emphasis will be on safety, toys and rope ties. If participants would like to practice, please bring at least a 3 foot long or more piece of paracord. 

Mr. Nitz

Bio: This is where you would expect me to tell you about my life, how awesome I am, or why I am so superior to other people in this line of business. I would enjoy telling you how I have wrestled grizzly bears 10 feet tall. Maybe you would like hearing how I have taken on Velociraptors in my days as a young man. Even better is the story how I have traveled to the furthest reaches of space to stop a catastrophic alien invasion. The problem will be that you probably will not believe my awesome stories.

I will keep these stories of grandeur for the campfire though. I’m just a man, taking pictures, trying to make a living. I ditched my education in computers in favor of pursuing my passion for photography. I enjoy a good cold beer on a warm day. I have a fondness of the outdoors. I have enjoyed years of capturing life’s unscripted moments. Hopefully, I can enjoy many more years of slacking off without fear of those grizzlies taking me out before my time.

My philosophy is to capture those non-scripted moments. To capture the little details that this world really has to offer. From mountains to brides, I enjoy capturing the life, the details, and the moments that come and go in a flash.

Intro To Off Camera and Studio Lighting
In this class well discuss how you can take your lighting techniques up a notch. No matter if you’re working in a studio or a room in your home, this class will help anyone looking to take their photography game to the next level. We’ll touch on the differences of flash, strobes, constant lights, reflectors, soft boxes, umbrellas, and natural light. We’ll look at the advantages/disadvantages of different lighting techniques and how they can help improve your photography. All skill levels are welcome for this class.


Bio: Santi has been active in the Madison kink community for several years. He describes himself as a sensualist switch who finds great pleasure in electrical play, role play, and sensory play. Santi brings an emergency medical background to the table and truly enjoys educating others in the scene! You may see him working in the role of Dungeon Monitor at one of the many local kink events, or shocking people to their heart’s content.

Sensory Play Lab - Santi and Spoiled VIxen
Come and try your hand at the wonderful world of sensory play!
You will need: A partner. 5 simple yet random, non-kink related objects from your home. All items must fit in a container no larger than the size of a grocery bag. Items you bring will need to be clean, generally allergen free, require little to no cleanup/space, and not violate the rules of the Freyja Project. Use common sense.

In this class we will 1) Briefly review the basics of sensory play from our Sensation 101 class (taught at Freyja SummerFest). 2) Negotiate a sensory scene with our partners. 3) Have fun getting creative with our tools 4) Experiment with Sensory Deprivation.

This is going to be a fun class! We especially encourage those just dipping their toes into the world of kink to join us!


Bio: SpoiledVixen has been an active volunteer in the Madison kink scene for several years and truly believes in the power of our vibrant and thriving community. She met her husband Santi in the scene during 2016; shortly after, they were exchanging vows in a local dungeon! She is the current president of Satyricon Wisconsin, the oldest non-profit in the Midwest providing accessible kink education to the local community. She is a Domme-leaning switch who loves learning and exploring; with heavier interests in sensation play, sensual knife play, and CT/CBT. She also enjoys checking out unique dungeons while travelling!

Cunt Torture - Vulva Intensive - SpoiledVixen and Kinkerbelle
Does the idea of pain between your thighs make your panties wet? Join us for an introduction to pussy torture! In this class we will talk about 1) Safety and Scene Negotiation 2) Types of pussy torture and 3) Fun and sadistic ideas for how to play. You will hear perspectives from both tops and bottoms and get to see a saucy demonstration! You will not want to miss this one!

Kinkerbelle (bottoming for Santi and Spoiledvixen)
Bio: Kinkerbelle is a physical and emotional masochist and service submissive, who has been a member of three different BDSM communities in the last five years. She has a special interest in mental and power play, especially degradation. She loves subverting expectations and watching people's jaws drop as they realize just how deep down the rabbit hole she'll go in the name of a good scene. She believes knowledge sharing is at the heart of every community and looks forward to sharing her knowledge and learning from you.

Sarah Sloane

Bio: Sarah Sloane (she/her) is a nationally recognized educator, writer, and coach whose in on a mission to create more “light bulb moments” and help empower others to more powerfully embody their kinks & sexual desires. Sarah has taught for over 19 years at clubs, events, universities, retail shops, and professional organizations throughout the US, Canada, and New Zealand; she’s also written numerous articles for dozens of websites and publications, including a chapter on “Whole Hand Sex: Vaginal Fisting” in Tristan Taormino’s “The Ultimate Guide to Kink”. She’s been an active member of the Leather, BDSM, and alternative relationship communities for over 2 decades. You can learn more about her at her website,

Exchanging Power, not Dependency: Healthy D/s & M/s Relationships
(co-presented class with Bal)
In power exchange relationships, the lines can get a bit blurry around the edges, especially around power and consent. How do we determine whether we’re exchanging power in a way that’s congruent with our ethics, and if we’re not, how do we transition that power exchange to something that feels more “right” for us? Sarah and Bal, who together have over 30 years experience in navigating consensual power exchange relationships, will offer ways to think about what healthy power exchange looks like and how to do regular checks on our own relationships to ensure that they are growing, loving, and empowering.

Those who can, teach – How to give a presentation that kinky people will enjoy
Nobody likes a class that evokes memories of dull professional training; nobody wants a class that doesn’t inspire, inform, and entertain.  With so many skills to teach from so many different perspectives, we need presenters that understand the basic hows and whys of kinky education – engaging the audience, arranging & communicating the information they’re teaching about, answering questions and encouraging networking, and using basic interpersonal skills to heighten everyone’s enjoyment! Sarah Sloane, a veteran of both kinky education and a professional trainer of trainers, will guide students in finding ways to share their skills joyfully, expertly, and compassionately. (Audiences: All 18+)

Negotiate Like A Pro! Boundaries, Safer Play, and Asking for What We Want
Screw the 800-item BDSM checklist as a negotiation tool - when you're feeling the chemistry or drawn to an experience, you want to be able to ask for - and get - what you want, and have everyone thrilled at the outcome! Let's deep dive into figuring out what you want and what turns you on, ways to understand & set safety boundaries, and how to negotiate a scene (even if you're tongue tied).


Bio: Spike A BDSM player for 20 years, Spike doesn’t play with one aspect of BDSM, he enjoys playing with all of them. A rope artist, a whip aficionado, a sub, and a pony; he enjoys being all of them.  Spike’s wry sense of humor and timing ensures a lively conversation at any event. 

He resides in Madison, Wisconsin with his Mistress: Mistress__Mayhem. Spike has presented at Shibaricon, Beyond Leather, Ropecraft and Madtown Kinkfest,. When he’s not playing with rope, Spike enjoys cracking whips, being a DJ and spinning fire. 

Rope Suspension Basics


Bio: Stranger found home in the world of BDSM in 2014 and currently resides in the Madison, WI area. They are a top-leaning switch with a passion for inspiring pain, pleasure, smiles, tears, fears, tenderness, and raw human connection. Stranger has a special love for rope bondage, and enjoys tying and being tied with intention and excessive eye-contact, geeking out about technique and learning through teaching, and exploring discipline through self-tying and dynamic self-suspensions. When not at kink events, Stranger can be found introverting in their blankets and playing video games, having Indian food mouth-orgasms, or deeply weeping over every single one of J.S. Bach's violin sonatas.

Balloons and Rope!
Balloons are hilarious, comfortable, cute and... terrifying? Join us for an exploration of combining blown-up balloons and rope in your play. Learn how to incorporate balloons in your rope to enhance the comfort of a tie, to draw giggles and laughter out of your scenes, and to make hearts race with their frightening potential! 

Prerequisites: Familiarity with a single column tie (we will review this at the beginning of class). Some parts self-tying friendly, observers very welcome!

What should attendees bring to class?
Rope (there will be extra)

“Rope + Dildo = Dildosaurus Sex!” 
Sex isn’t just in the hips. This creative class is not bound by conventional dildo strap-on placement. Want to tie a dildo to your boot? Chest? Anywhere you want?! What may start out as quirky shenanigans can lead to pleasurable explorations of some dildo-tastic possibilities for queer sex and sex for bodies with different abilities. BYOD (Bring Your Own Dildos!) 

No prerequisites. Self-tying friendly, observers very welcome!
What should attendees bring to class?
Rope (there will be plenty extra) and a dildo with a flared base (there will be a few extras) 

Minimalistic Sadomasochistic Rope 
Sadomasochism doesn't need to be complicated. Your "hurty" tool of choice should enhance the experience for you and your partner, not slow you down. This class covers minimalistic ways to cause pain using rope as a tool, with the intention of using rope techniques that won't distract you and your partner from your sadomasochistic goals. 

Prerequisites: Familiarity with a single column tie (we will review this at the beginning of class). Some parts self-tying friendly, observers very welcome!

What should attendees bring to class? 
Rope (there will be extra)


Painting The Roses Red: Blood Cupping 101

Roundtable Presenters


A better ally to those with different abilities
Do you ever wonder how you could be a better ally to those with different abilities in the Madison Kink Community? Do you ever wonder what it is like to navigate the scene from a difference lense and how that may impact play, partners, dynamics, etc? In this panel and short follow up discussion we will discuss personal experiences of navigating the kink community with both seen and unseen disabilities. We will also go over how to communicate to others your needs and how to understand and evaluate when play might be safe for you. Come and write an “oh shit” plan to easily bring up needs and hear from different people how we are currently doing for our folkx with different abilities.


Bio: I've been involved with kink for several years, but much more so in the last 4 years. Recently it’s been my privilege and honor to be the owner and director for KGN (Kinky Geek Night). I am very passionate about building bridges in the kink community, and being a part of its education, collaboration, and growth.

Learning new sadistic skills is my kink. I’m all about experimentation and trying new things, and enjoy topping for others at events. I’m always willing to make new friends in person, and to be helpful to whenever, and wherever I can.

Diversity and differences in our kink community.
Please join SadistriX for this round table discussion about diversity and differences in our kink community. We can cover all topics related to diversity from race, to being differently abled, gender identities, including being nonbinary, and beyond. How have these things impacted your kink experience, and how can we make the community more inclusive and safe for all?


Bio: Ice_Princess has been ethically non-monogamous for the better part of the last 15 years. Her relationship styles have varied through the years allowing for each to develop in their own unique ways. She has identified as Polyamorous for last the 7 years, both as solo poly and now as a nesting partner to Stark.

She has been an integral part of the Madison polyamorous and sex positive communities for almost 6 years helping to plan and host monthly events.

“Poly Fuck-ups and how to fix them”
An open honest discussion of polyamory, as well as other forms of ethical non-monogamy.
How we make it work, and challenges we overcome.


Bio: Stark discovered ethical non-monogamy in 2010. He was introduced to the poly community by his “Bestie,” Ice_Princess in 2014. Polyamory was an appealing way for Stark to date due to his chaotic work schedule and limited free time. His polyamory evolved from being a way to ethically date more than 1 person to establishing loving relationships. A couple years later his Bestie became his nesting partner.

He is also an integral part of Madison polyamorous community and hosts a monthly event.

“Poly Fuck-ups and how to fix them”
An open honest discussion of polyamory, as well as other forms of ethical non-monogamy.
How we make it work, and challenges we overcome.

Pup Cyon, Sir Nate, Cubby, Bubba

Pup and Handlers Roundtable

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