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In affect until February 10th - Emergency Order #12
changes at Freyja

Phase Two has been revised: It is now Emergency Order #12

We will be allowing reduced numbers of people to access the club and we will increase capacity as we see how our new safety measures hold up.

The layout of Freyja has changed .

Please check the calendar and register for the event you wish to attend.

All members must register to attend events (as we have limed our numbers to keep everyone safe) CALENDAR 

We will be open every Saturday night 7pm - 12am Donate

Thank you,
The Freyja Project Board

Attending Freyja NOW

Check out the Freyja Calendar

The Freyja Project Gallery 

Art created by the community to share with the community

Current Art in the space!

Mistress MayhemThe Lord, Berta Daniels, D. Carter,
Mr. Nitz, Just to name a few.

Shows for Artists to promote their work
& further their creative vision

The Freyja Project, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
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