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    • 09/18/2017
    • 12/21/2020
    • 40 sessions

    I've had people ask me for some time when I do rope: "Can you teach me to do that?" The short answer has always been 'yes'. The longer answer has always been 'Yes, but I'll need a space in which to do it'. Well, I now have a space. Feel free to join me at The Freyja Project for a night of rope education. 

    My goal is to make sure everyone who shows up walks away with something. So, the structure of this event may be constantly changing. So, no matter your skill level, you will learn something new.

    • 11/17/2017
    • 12/18/2020
    • 38 sessions

    We have a LARP gaming group that will be occupying the space during this evening.

    • 12/03/2017
    • 11/01/2020
    • 34 sessions

    We have a LARP gaming group that will be occupying the space during this time.  Closed to normal member activities (although you're welcome to join the LARP group!).

    • 01/07/2018
    • 12/06/2020
    • 36 sessions
    • The Sanctuary, 121 Nob Hill Rd., Madison, WI

    Hitchin' Bitches, an international peer-to-peer learning and discussion group that began in London, England, in 2011, seeks to provide a relaxed and comfortable space to help female/trans-feminine/GF/GQ/IS people of all skill levels feel confident to explore rope. 

    Bottoms of all orientations and identities who respect the space and ethos of the group are also welcome. At our events, we share ideas for tying ourselves, men, bottoms with limited mobility, and any other topics relevant to our group's needs. Join us!

    • 01/21/2018
    • 12/20/2020
    • 36 sessions
    • The Sanctuary, 121 Nob Hill Rd., Madison, WI

    Almost a decade ago, Show Me The Ropes started out as a group of people from the Madison area with a common interest in rope who occasionally got together to share their knowledge with one another and/or get tied up. 

    We now meet on a monthly basis and offer a variety of formal class topics, peer-to-peer discussions, and lab times for people of all skill levels. Topics range from chest and hip harnesses, to detail bondage and suspension and are posted ahead of time on our Fet group page and event listings. Join us!

    • 07/23/2018
    • 09/28/2020
    • 23 sessions
    • 121 Nob Hill Road, Madison, WI

    Are you an artist? Do you just like drawing? Frustrated with trying to add rope or leather or ball gags to "traditional" figure models?

    Wicked Lines was created for you.

    This event started at the hallowed Wicked Grounds in San Francisco. Figure models will pose in various kinky scenarios in a well-lit and friendly environment for attendees to sketch. Poses will range from 20 minutes to 1-minute "gesture speed rounds".

    This is not a play party, but the model(s) may choose to explore their own kink within the scope of the still-life poses. At the end of the evening, the model will pick out their favorite sketch and the talented artist goes home with a prize, as well as free admission to next month's event!

    Interested in Modeling for Wicked Lines?

    Models are compensated for their time and efforts. Wicked Lines is an inclusive space and we are always looking for a diverse range of bodies and kinks for our drawing events. Must be able to hold a pose for between 1-20 minutes with rest breaks for a shift of an hour. Feel free to suggest your own kinky twist to your pose as well. Contact for more information.

    The Freyja Project is an alcohol-free event space, but coffee, tea, and soft drinks are available for purchase. Basic art supplies (pencils, sketchbooks, erasers) will also be available for purchase, but attendees are encouraged to bring their own art supplies including easels. No photography allowed.

    Non-monthly Freyja members, get your tickets

    • 12/09/2018
    • 12/13/2020
    • 22 sessions
    • Sanctuary

    We have a LARP gaming group that will be occupying the space during this time.  Closed to normal member activities (although you're welcome to join the LARP group!).

    • 03/14/2019
    • 05/14/2020
    • 13 sessions

    Join StrangerFriend on the evening of December 13th to celebrate one of their most beloved activities: self-tying!!

    Madison now has its very own Self-Tying Jam at the FreyjaProject's Club space, and will take place every second Thursday of the month. Bring your rope, your hardware, and hang out with like-minded friends who have an interest in self-tying and self-suspending.

    The event will be whatever you want to make it! All hard points in the Club will be dedicated to casual self-tying workshopping or skill-sharing, to self-tying and self-suspension scening, to impromptu performances, and to the most ridiculous self-tying shenanigans you can think of. There will also be a relaxed social area for getting to know other attendees, and a completely optional mini-class at the beginning of each event for a refresher of rope technique and/or specific self-tying topics.

    Stranger will bring their own music playlist, but totally wants your music recommendations. :) If you'd like to bring dinner or snacks, that is also more than welcome. Stranger will also try to provide as much extra rope and gear as possible, but if you also have extra, feel free to bring it and share; that includes extra tripods.

    Individuals with any amount of rope experience or skill level are absolutely welcome. Individuals of all genders, bodily makeup and ability, and BDSM roles are absolutely welcome. Observers are absolutely welcome. Non-self-tying friends and supporters of self-tyers are welcome; please simply respect the event as a self-tying space (i.e., this isn't a space for extensive partner-tying; there are a whole lot of other awesome events in town for that! :) )

    Here is the Fetlife group for this recurring event. Please join to stay updated on future events, and feel free to post questions there or PM StrangerFriend!

    $5 Suggested Donation

    • 08/06/2019
    • 08/04/2020
    • 13 sessions

    Madison Bights is meant to be a space for people to practice rope regularly outside of the big monthly rope groups. Practice makes confident the ties and techniques. This is to allow all people to practice without needing to: be aware of who might walk in on them, have access to personal hard points and equipment, go without guidance/input/supervision of kink friendly beings or just not doing it by themselves.

    So come out and get tied up tying someone down or tied down by someone tying you up. Either way, there will be tying, oh yes... So much tying.

    A donation of $5 per person is appreciated.

    • 04/03/2020
    • 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
    • 121 Nob Hill Rd, Madison, WI 53713

    Remember that you MUST register in advance for these events! See below for answers to all your burning questions. 

    (No Cash Accepted at the Door!)

    When is it?

    TNGM First Fridays is a recurring Educational Event and Play Party, every first Friday of each month. The TNGM Workshop and TNGM Takeover Play Party are both open to all folks aged 18+. Y'all get to learn AND play, all in one awesome evening.

    First Fridays begins at 7:00pm with social time prior to the start of the workshop at 7:30. Workshops run until 8:30 or 9:00. Then the party starts!

    What is the topic this month?

    To Be Announced

    If you have an interest in teaching at TNGM events, please contact @StrangerFriend. We're always working on finding more presenters for future workshops, so please visit the Workshop Poll thread and let us know what topics you'd like to see presented in the coming months!

    We are especially interested in giving new presenters a platform to share their passions and knowledge with our community! You don't need a reputation or résumé to present with us.

    Who can attend?

    Anyone over the age of 18! Seriously, anyone***. Folks of all identities, orientations, expressions, genders, races, religions, abilities, and skill levels are welcome and encouraged to attend.

    While TNGM Munches are only open to folks aged 18-35 and their partners, TNGM Educational Events and Play Parties are open to anyone over 18! TNGM is intended to provide a safe, consent-conscious space for individuals to learn and grow amongst their peers, to link them to the community as a whole, and to provide them with support and resources as they explore kink, BDSM, leather, and other adjacent topics. In short, we want to be sure that TNGM provides a space for younger folks, while also enhancing the Madison kink community as a whole. Think of TNGM Munches as an opportunity to meet and build relationships with your peers and TNGM Educational Events and Play Parties as an opportunity to bring those friendships along as we contribute to the community at large.

    ***Attendance at the Freyja Project requires either membership or guesting in by a member. See below for more information!

    How much does it cost?

    The workshop itself is ONLY FIVE BUCKS! You can attend JUST the workshop for FIVE DOLLARS, even if you are not a member of the Freyja Project. If you want to stay after the workshop for the play party, continue reading below. If you do want to attend both, a $15 day pass or being a monthly member will get you into the workshop AND the play party that follows!

    The Freyja Project offers membership access at an incredibly affordable $15 A YEAR. Just $15 dues for access all year long! In order to attend events, members have two options:

    Day Passes ($10-15 - entry to an individual event).

    or Monthly Access Passes ($35 - free entry to the majority of events hosted at the center, including TNG First Fridays)

    In other words, if you plan to attend 2 or more events at the Freyja within one month, it's most cost effective to simply purchase a Monthly Pass.

    Not a member of the Freyja Project? Just wanna go one time to this awesome TNGM event (or one of many others held at the center? Just find a member to guest you in in advance (also $15)!

    You can find detailed information about membership and sign up easily online with the Freyja Project's website.

    What are the rules?

    Here are the Rules and Guidelines governing TNGM events. Here is the Freyja Project's Code of Conduct. It is in your best interest to read these carefully so that you can respect them and your fellow community members. We reserve the right to remove anyone who is not acting within the bounds of these rules.

    How do I get there?

    TNGM First Fridays will be held at the Freyja Project, a private membership organization, club and community center. There is ample parking in the lot in front and in back of the building, including several accessible spaces.

    If you don't have access to a vehicle, the  4, 5, and 12 buses will get you within walking distance to the club until about 7pm, because Madison Metro is a joke. I'm so sorry. After that, there are options, but they require a transfer. The 16 bus runs from nearby the club to the Square until about midnight. From the Square, Lyft or Uber will run you about $8-12.

    What if I have other questions that aren't answered here?

    Just comment on this thread or contact group leadership via private message and we'll be happy to help.

    See y'all there!


    • 04/04/2020
    • 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
    • 121 Nob Hill Rd, Madison, WI 53713

    Gamers, Geeks, Dorks, and other Nerdy Kinksters of the world Unite!

    Dungeons & Dorks (D&D...see what we did there?) is the Freyja Project's premiere kinky gaming and nerd culture event!  Come join us for gaming of all sorts mixed in with as much kink as you can handle!

    We'll be providing plenty of table space for every board and card game imaginable, as well as TVs for console gaming.  Additionally, we have internet access available for attendees if you're in the mood for PC gaming (provided you bring along a laptop/desktop to join the fun).  Anyone in the mood for a kinky LAN party?

    As usual, the Sanctuary has plenty of BDSM equipment for you to play on!  Crosses, spanking benches, tables, a fully stocked medical area and even a quiet room. 

    Hours: 7:00 PM  to 1:00 AM

    Reminder:  If you do not have Club or Premium Access, you'll need to buy a Day Pass in order to attend.

    • 04/09/2020
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

    • 04/10/2020
    • 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
    • 121 Nob Hill Rd, Madison, WI 53713

    Freyja Project members and their guests are welcome to join us for a regularly scheduled evening of access to our play space and social areas.

    Hours: 7:00 PM  to 1:00 AM

    Reminder:  If you do not have Club or Premium Access, you'll need to buy a Day Pass in order to attend.

    • 04/11/2020
    • 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM

    Do you like being called a slut? Do get off on feeling less than? Does the blood rush not only to your cheeks when you're embarrassed? If yes, you may be interested in degradation and humiliation play. This class will discuss the differences in degradation and humiliation, how to do one without the other, safety practices to consider with mental play, and, most importantly, some really fun ideas for how to play with power. We will focus on what it means to bottom to degradation and humiliation play, identify your limits, and negotiate a great scene. Tops and bottoms are welcome, as there will be valuable information for all.

    Kinkerbelle is a physical and emotional masochist and service submissive who has been a member of three different BDSM communities in the last five years. She has a special interest in mental and power play, especially degradation. She loves subverting expectations and watching people's jaws drop as they realize just how deep down the rabbit hole she'll go in the name of a good scene. She believes knowledge sharing is at the heart of every community and looks forward to sharing her knowledge and learning from you.

    “Bratting” with @Ruby

    Let's discuss all the facets, pros and cons, and ins and out of Bratting! What do we get from bratting? When does bratting work and when does it not? Is “Brat” a noun, a verb, or a tasty food? How do we find good Tops who love and enhance all our best bratty selves? Bratting is a topic that always sparks lively discussion and debate! Come discuss and learn all the different aspects of bratting, learn what works for you and what doesn’t, and become better equipped to communicate that with play partners.

    Ruby is an“intensity-slut”, an experienced bottom and masochist, and a service-oriented slave with a heart for community and a proclivity for intelligent discussion. She believes that kink is best enacted in community, that people on the right side of the slash should talk to and support each other. Her workshops are designed to challenge participants to think grow and articulate their own journey.

    "Male Submissive Roundtable!" with @Santi1719

    Do you identify as a submissive male? Come join us in this casual and fun group discussion about the wonderful world of submission! Non binary, cis, non cis, ALL are encouraged to attend. Beginners and experienced alike, let's share our knowledge with each other in a safe and welcoming environment!

    Santi has been active in the Madison kink community for several years. He describes himself as a sensualist switch who finds great pleasure in electrical play, role play, and sensory play. Santi brings an emergency medical background to the table and truly enjoys educating others in the scene! You may see him working in the role of Dungeon Monitor at one of the many local kink events, or shocking people to their heart’s content.

    “Not Losing Yourself in Submission” with @-sassy-

    Do you find it hard to find that balance between submissive and being true to yourself? Do you worry about what happens when you are not in a relationship and do not know what to do without rules to follow. Let's discuss how you can be true to yourself and still a great submissive through responsible bottoming.

    Sassy has been involved in the Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago kink scene since her 40th birthday when she stumbled upon Fetlife. She started as a service sub only to realize she hates service loves pain. Sassy can be found at events either being shot with gummy bears, being mind fucked with large bags of ice, or laughing as the meanest tops hit her. Her speciality is finding loop holes in any rules or instructions her tops give her. A huge advocate of responsible bottoming and open communication, she is always happy to share her experience with others in the community. Most recently Sassy has been interviewed on Kinkycast and it can be heard at

    Satyricon Wisconsin meetings run from 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM. Social time is from 2:30-3:00 PM, meeting announcements start at 3:15, featured presentation starting at the conclusion of announcements. Dinner will be held at a local restaurant, announced at the meeting. All members are invited to come sit and share a meal with us at that time. If you haven’t attended Satyricon in the last 3 years, we ask that you complete a membership form upon arrival to indicate that you understand the purpose and guidelines of our group. We also do this to maintain our status as a state-registered non-profit charity.

    Donations gladly accepted via cash or credit card at the event. We are also registered on Amazon Smile .

    The Freyja Project, who maintain the lovely space we use for all of our meetings, will be hosting GRIND! at around 7 PM. You do not have to be a member of the Freyja Project to attend any Satyricon Wisconsin meetings, but if you intend to attend GRIND! the evening of the meeting then you will need to either have a monthly membership, or buy your guest pass/ticket by Friday night at 11:59 pm. See for more information about membership and access to play events.

    • 04/11/2020
    • 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
    • 121 Nob Hill Rd, Madison, WI 53713


    Madison's Premiere Play Party is back and it's bigger and more bad-ass than ever!

    Hours: 7:00 PM  to 1:00 AM

    • 6000 square foot building dedicated to our kink community
    • Tons of new play equipment including crosses, benches, suspension frames, massage tables, medical tables and more!
    • Your favorite DJ's rocking you all night long
    • 04/18/2020
    • 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
    • 121 Nob Hill Rd, Madison, WI 53713

    Freyja Project members and their guests are welcome to join us for a regularly scheduled evening of access to our play space and social areas.

    Hours: 7:00 PM  to 1:00 AM

    Reminder:  If you do not have Club or Premium Access, you'll need to buy a Day Pass in order to attend.

    • 04/24/2020
    • 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
    • 121 Nob Hill Rd, Madison, WI 53713

    Freyja Project members and their guests are welcome to join us for a regularly scheduled evening of access to our play space and social areas.

    Hours: 7:00 PM  to 1:00 AM

    Reminder:  If you do not have Club or Premium Access, you'll need to buy a Day Pass in order to attend.

    • 04/25/2020
    • 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
    • 121 Nob Hill Rd, Madison, WI 53713

    Whether you come to receive communion, pray or play we hope that you will enjoy our Un-Holy of Not So Holy Events (We mean no disrespect for those who are religious we only seek to enjoy this holiday of fruitfulness and the birth of spring in our own special and delicious way). 

    Come watch as the transform the photo studio into a sinful scene as we partake in the holy sacrament. 

    The party is from 7 pm to 1 am!
    Photography will be going on from 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm!

    (You don’t have to dress as a nun or a preist but you can if you like. We are pretty sure the Easter Bunny will be paying us a visit, make sure you get some candy from them.)

    Enjoy our well-equipped main dungeon and the many other areas available to you in our 6,000 sq.ft. kink oasis. Take part in some light snacks or advantage of a wide variety of different beverages for purchase as a way to refuel between scenes! We can’t wait to see you for all the fun and debauchery. Don't forget, we have our dedicated medical play space as well as a low-stimulation room as a quiet option for your special scene. With plenty of social space available, room for a board or card game if you like, or our little library nook where you can check out our modest selection of reading options, we are certain you will find a way to pass the time.

    Madison's Premiere Play Party is back and it's bigger and more bad-ass than ever!

    Hours: 7:00 PM  to 1:00 AM

    • 6000 square foot building dedicated to our kink community
    • Tons of new play equipment including crosses, benches, suspension frames, massage tables, medical tables and more!
    • Your favorite DJ's rocking you all night long
    • 04/26/2020
    • 02/28/2021
    • 11 sessions

    We have a LARP gaming group that will be occupying the space during this time.  Closed to normal member activities (although you're welcome to join the LARP group!).

    • 05/16/2020
    • 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
    • 121 Nob Hill Rd, Madison, WI 53713

    Freyja Project members and their guests are welcome to join us for a regularly scheduled evening of access to our play space and social areas.

    Hours: 7:00 PM  to 1:00 AM

    Reminder:  If you do not have Club or Premium Access, you'll need to buy a Day Pass in order to attend.

Past events

03/28/2020 Cancelled - GRIND - (Slumber Party has been postponed)
03/23/2020 -Cancelled- Wicked Lines
03/21/2020 Cancelled - Member Open Night
03/14/2020 GRIND!
03/14/2020 Satyricon WI Board Member Elections! We Want YOU!
03/14/2020 Satyricon Wisconsin Presents Knives 101 with @Cataclyzmic !
03/13/2020 Friday The 13th - Halloween Part 2
03/11/2020 Hump Day Munch
03/07/2020 March 7th International Women’s Day Party
03/06/2020 Open Member Night
03/02/2020 Monday Night Fetish
02/29/2020 Member Open Night
02/28/2020 Member Open Night
02/23/2020 Service Auction “ Meet, Bid, Play”
02/22/2020 Masquerade GRIND
02/22/2020 Mask Decorating Workshop - Masquerade GRIND
02/15/2020 Member Open Night
02/14/2020 Bloody Valentines - Succubus
02/12/2020 Hump Day Munch
02/08/2020 GRIND!
02/08/2020 Satyricon Wisconsin Presents - Cock n Ball Torture/Cock n Ball Fun with @WickedWanda
02/07/2020 TNGM First Fridays - Violet Wands 101/201/301 w/ @Santi1719
02/03/2020 Monday Night Fetish
02/01/2020 Dungeons & Dorks (D&D)!
01/31/2020 Member Open Night
01/24/2020 Freyja Project Winter Festival 2020
01/18/2020 Member Open Night
01/11/2020 GRIND!
01/11/2020 Cancelled due to weather! Satyricon Wisconsin is Proud to Present our January Bottoming and Service Symposium!
01/10/2020 Member Open Night
01/08/2020 Hump Day Munch
01/06/2020 Monday Night Fetish
01/04/2020 New Years Party - Winter KINK Ball
01/03/2020 TNGM First Fridays - Face Play - Up Close and Personal
12/28/2019 NightMare Before/After Xmas GRIND!
12/27/2019 Closed for the evening
12/21/2019 Member Open Night
12/14/2019 GRIND!
12/14/2019 ~*Satyricon’s Annual DIY Toy Building Event!*~
12/13/2019 Member Open Night
12/11/2019 Hump Day Munch
12/07/2019 Dungeons & Dorks (D&D)!
12/06/2019 TNGM First Fridays - Dec 6th - Basic & Intermediate Flogging: “Sock it to ‘em!” w/ @D__
12/02/2019 Monday Night Fetish
11/30/2019 Member Open Night
11/29/2019 Member Open Night
11/23/2019 GRIND! SteamPunk!!!
11/23/2019 November 23rd Group ART SHOW Reception!
11/22/2019 Member Open Night
11/21/2019 Closed for Private Event
11/16/2019 Member Open Night
11/13/2019 Hump Day Munch
11/09/2019 GRIND!
11/09/2019 ~*Satyricon Wisconsin's Annual Vendor Fair!*~
11/08/2019 Member Open Night
11/04/2019 Monday Night Fetish
11/02/2019 Dungeons & Dorks (D&D)!
11/01/2019 TNGM First Fridays: Why do we do that? Psychology of BDSM with @BlueberryBleu
10/26/2019 Halloween PARTY - GRIND!
10/25/2019 Member Open Night
10/19/2019 Member Open Night
10/12/2019 GRIND!
10/12/2019 Satyricon’s Annual October Exploratorium
10/11/2019 Member Open Night
10/09/2019 Hump Day Munch
10/07/2019 Monday Night Fetish
10/05/2019 Dungeons & Dorks (D&D)!
10/04/2019 TNGM First Fridays: Knocking on the Backdoor: Ass Play for Beginners and Veterans Alike, with RakishRowan & Severus_Snape
09/28/2019 GRIND! Back to School Time!
09/27/2019 Member Open Night
09/21/2019 Member Open Night
09/14/2019 GRIND!
09/14/2019 Satyricon - Navigating the Scene as an Independent Bottom with @Ruby
09/13/2019 Member Open Night
09/11/2019 Hump Day Munch
09/07/2019 Dungeons & Dorks (D&D)!
09/06/2019 TNGM First Fridays TBD
08/31/2019 Member Open Night
08/30/2019 Member Open Night
08/24/2019 GRIND! Queer-iosity Pride Edition
08/23/2019 Member Open Night
08/17/2019 Member Open Night
08/14/2019 Hump Day Munch
08/10/2019 GRIND!
08/10/2019 Satyricon -Trampling: Boots, Bare Feet, & Rope with @StrangerFriend and @-Artemis
08/09/2019 Member Open Night
08/05/2019 Monday Night Fetish
08/03/2019 Dungeons & Dorks (D&D)!
08/02/2019 TNGM First Fridays ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY (18+) - Aug 2nd - Bootblacking w/@girlofmyst
07/27/2019 GRIND! Splish Splosh Party!
07/26/2019 Member Open Night
07/20/2019 Member Open Night
07/13/2019 GRIND! The Freyja Project’s Anniversary!
07/13/2019 Satyricon - Flogging 101/201/301 Composite with Ravenous
07/12/2019 Member Open Night
07/10/2019 Hump Day Munch
07/06/2019 Dungeons & Dorks (D&D)!
07/05/2019 Open Member Night
07/01/2019 Monday Night Fetish
06/29/2019 GRIND! Saturday Party ONLY! No Festival Access.
06/28/2019 GRIND! Friday Party ONLY! No Festival Access.
06/28/2019 Freyja Project Summer Festival
06/22/2019 GRIND - Pups and Kittens - Evil Petting Zoo!
06/15/2019 Member Open Night
06/14/2019 TNGM First Fridays (But On The Second Friday!) - June 14 - Switching: From Top to Bottom with @StrangerFriend
06/12/2019 Hump Day Munch
06/08/2019 GRIND!
06/08/2019 Bellavia ART SHOW Reception!
06/08/2019 Satyricon - Glossy Deviance: An Introduction to Latex Kink~ with @Diva_Electrique
06/07/2019 Open Member Night
06/03/2019 Monday Night Fetish
06/01/2019 Dungeons & Dorks (D&D)!
05/31/2019 Member Open Night
05/25/2019 Electric GRIND!
05/24/2019 Member Open Night
05/19/2019 Game of Thrones Series Finale Munch
05/18/2019 Game of Thrones Party
05/11/2019 GRIND!
05/11/2019 Satyricon - "9th Annual Rope Intensive"
05/10/2019 Member Open Night
05/08/2019 Hump Day Munch
05/06/2019 Monday Night Fetish
05/04/2019 Dungeons & Dorks (D&D)!
05/03/2019 TNGM First Fridays - Into the Dark (CNC & Edge Play) w/@MsDemanda
04/27/2019 GRIND: Pajama Party!
04/26/2019 Member Open Night
04/23/2019 Freyja Lab
04/13/2019 Satyricon: Sensation Play 101 with Jedaii
04/10/2019 Hump Day Munch
04/05/2019 TNGM First Fridays - April Class: Needle Play 101 with @yarrick40k!
03/26/2019 Freyja Lab
03/16/2019 March 16th Group ART SHOW Reception!
03/13/2019 Hump Day Munch
03/09/2019 Satyricon: Interrogation 101 with Severus_Snape & BOARD VOTE
03/02/2019 Paper Cranes for Cancer Memorial: ART SHOW Reception!
03/01/2019 TNGM First Fridays - March - Takeover Play Party
02/26/2019 Freyja Lab
02/22/2019 The Madison GRUE 2019
02/13/2019 Hump Day Munch
02/12/2019 Madison Self-Tying Jam
02/09/2019 Satyricon:"Scene as Journey: Beyond Technique" with Snowfalcon
02/02/2019 Dungeons & Dorks (D&D)!
02/02/2019 Paper Crane Workshop
02/01/2019 TNGM First Fridays - February - Takeover Play Party
01/12/2019 Satyricon "The DEFINING MOMENT: Getting What You Want Out of Kink" with GrayDancer
01/10/2019 Madison Self-Tying Jam
01/09/2019 Hump Day Munch
01/04/2019 TNGM First Fridays - JANUARY - Takeover Play Party and Impact Play Workshop w/@Gregor
12/29/2018 Corinne Viner ART SHOW Reception!
12/13/2018 Madison Self-Tying Jam
12/12/2018 Hump Day Munch
12/08/2018 Satyricon DIY Toy Building Event
12/07/2018 TNGM First Fridays Takeover Play Party and Metal Gear Workshop w/@SnowFalcon
11/24/2018 SadistriX ART SHOW Reception!
11/22/2018 Turkey Day Potluck
11/14/2018 Hump Day Munch
11/08/2018 Madison Self-Tying Jam
11/05/2018 V For Vendetta Viewing Party
11/02/2018 TNGM First Fridays - November - More Bang for Your Buck
10/20/2018 MichealMindFuxx ART SHOW Reception!
10/11/2018 Madison Self-Tying Jam
10/10/2018 Hump Day Munch
09/25/2018 Freyja Lab
09/22/2018 September GROUP ART SHOW Reception!
09/13/2018 Madison Self-Tying Jam
09/12/2018 Hump Day Munch
09/07/2018 TNGM First Fridays - SEPTEMBER - Takeover Play Party and Hypnotism Workshop w/Najalaise
08/30/2018 Digital Privacy Workshop
08/10/2018 TNGM First Fridays - Minimalistic Sadomasochistic Rope, presented by @StrangerFriend and @-Fleurs-!
08/09/2018 Madison Self-Tying Jam
08/08/2018 Hump Day Munch
08/03/2018 Madison Summer GRUE 2018
07/24/2018 Freyja Lab
07/12/2018 Self-Suspension Jam
07/11/2018 Hump Day Munch
07/06/2018 TNGM First Fridays
06/26/2018 Freyja Lab
06/13/2018 Hump Day Munch
06/02/2018 Aly Katt Style Art Show and Reception
05/31/2018 Living on the Edge - Consent/Non Consent with Eternal Angel CLASS
05/12/2018 Art Show Reception for Berta A. Daniels
05/09/2018 Hump Day Munch
05/08/2018 Tuning Into Your Body Before Play With Naiia
05/03/2018 Karcus Kinky Kraft Night
04/24/2018 THE DOMINANT BODY: Health, Style, and Movement for Big-Letter Types
04/19/2018 Freyja Lab
04/11/2018 Hump Day Munch
04/05/2018 Karcus Kinky Kraft Night
04/03/2018 CREATIVE PROTOCOLS for D/S RELATIONSHIPS (Cancelled due to weather.)
03/21/2018 Free Purple Veins concert / party. Doors open @ 7:30pm.
03/17/2018 Going Simple with One Light
03/14/2018 Hump Day Munch
03/10/2018 Satyricon - Face Play: Up Close and Personal w/ Mr_Beck
03/09/2018 Art Show Reception Tools of Torture by Tink & Dave
02/24/2018 Photography 101
02/18/2018 ENDED Private Event: LARP Gaming Night
02/10/2018 Art Show Reception for D. Carter
02/06/2018 50 Shades of Grey, Movie & Munch
02/03/2018 MadGRUE 2018
01/20/2018 Developing Your Photographic Style
01/14/2018 Private Event: LARP Gaming Night
01/11/2018 Cunts Club
01/06/2018 Art Show Reception for Madam Spookiness Designs - "Faeries & Fantasy"
12/09/2017 Art Show Reception for Polyogami Studio
12/09/2017 Adobe Alternatives
12/07/2017 Madison Leather Social Club / Madison Women of Leather Holiday Potluck
12/02/2017 Gallery Reception Artist Irishsassy13
11/18/2017 Gallery Reception Artists Bob O'tron & Lady Harlequin
11/18/2017 Private Event: LARP Gaming
11/04/2017 Introduction to Workflow and Lightroom
10/28/2017 Photography 101
10/27/2017 Gallery Reception The Artist: Yessur - "Halloween Theme"
10/21/2017 Gallery Reception The Artist Tribal - "Halloween Theme"
10/03/2017 Purple Veins FREE warmup concert / party. Doors open @ 7:30pm.
09/15/2017 The Freyja Gallery Artists Show 'Carnival'
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