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Hump Day Munch and Roundtable

  • 07/14/2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

We miss you! Come get your virtual social on.

Join us in an open discussion about kink, life and what you have been up to these last few months.

There will be an open time for questions and lots of time to socialize.

See you there!

Our Humpday Munch is hosted on Discord. If you do not have an account it will prompt you to set up an account via Discord. 

To join our virtual Humpday Munch on Discord click Here


You MUST be 18 years of age or older.

What is Discord? Discord is a basically a chat program that allows you to communicate with members via text, voice and video. It also allows us to stream video for entertainment or educational purposes. It's a way for our members to keep in contact with each other in a group setting or one on one and it's available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Security In order to help keep our chat server more secure and protect our member's privacy, please read and follow the following procedures.

If you don't already have an account on Discord create one before registering.


Make sure to read Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines found and

The Freyja Project's code of conduct applies to the Discord server. 

Make sure to listen to the DMs, Moderators, Board Members and Administrators if they issue a warning. You will only be given one warning before being kicked.

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