The Freyja Project

WinterFest Presenter - Bios and classes

Mr. Beck

Bio: Mr. Beck is a voracious learner and driven to help educate, advocate and support the kink community at all levels. Mr. Beck has made his home in The Bondage Capitol of the World, Madison WI. for the past year. He shares a historic home with two lazy dogs, two amazing women (FireFlower and StrangerFriend), and about a million mosquitoes.

Mr. Beck has a long history of hosting play parties, running munches, and teaching at a national level. His favorite topics are ones that focus on deeper aspects of connection while pushing the outward and inward edges of play.

When Mr. Beck isn’t helping out in his community or teaching kink he enjoys cooking, woodworking, creating art, and playing guitar.

Face Play - Up close and Personal -co-teaching with Stranger
Our face is a very intimate part of sense of self. So involving the face in your play can be emotionally charged and psychologically delicate. The smaller focus and delicate structures of the human face mean that playing with the face is physically dangerous as well. With that in mind this class will show you how to play with a partners face in ways that are safe and fulfilling for both of you. All levels of experience are welcome and this class will have opportunities for getting hands on with the techniques described.

Dysfunctions of Kinky Relationships and their solutions - Demonstrating clear communication and integrity remain the powerful and rare core of success in a kinky relationship. When you get all of the people in a relationship rowing in the same direction, you can conquer any challenge at any time. Relationships are made up of imperfect human beings, and therefore, inherently dysfunctional. So, building a successful kinky relationship needs uncomplicated guidelines. This class lists out the dysfunctions of kinky relationships and the simple solutions to them.

Dana Pellebon

Bio: Dana Pellebon is a theatrical artist, who specializes in stage and burlesque. She works and advocates for marginalized communities and brings a feminist and social justice bent to her work. She has been a member of the Madison Kink Community for over 10 years. 

Wicked Lines - Co teaching with Graydancer
Two back to back time slots become the space for you to see what this is all about. - - (Description to come)

Diva Electrique

Bio: Diva brings along with him a passionate devotion to electricity, fetish fashion, and pleasure products.

Interested in kink since a young age, Diva has spent years gathering a wealth of knowledge and information, both text and by play experience from a variety of sources within the kink community. After involving himself in several Wisconsin groups, he has now found his home and friends within the Madison and Fox Valley scenes. Shiny, zappy things have always held his fascination and revere, and Diva has dedicated many hours to discovering and inventing new ways of playing and displaying his electrical, latex and fetish fashion kinks.

A dungeon regular, always dressing in his most fabulous attire, and eager to demonstrate or inform to inquisitive kinksters, Diva is excited to present for The Freyja Project. He is greatly looking forward to sharing his love for latex fashion along with the sensations of his tingling, zapping, shocking, and shiny toys with all who may be interested!

Diva with be a special guest of The Lord in - Operation, Electric Perversion class.



Panel Discussion with Jedaii & Mistress Mayhem - Navigating kink and community spaces for Newbs and Vets - When I am brand new and when I'm seasoned and need to adapt.

Gray Miller, aka "Graydancer

Bio: Graydancer has been teaching, performing, and advocating for kink and BDSM for over a decade. He  professionally rigs, photographs, shoots, edits, and consults in web, video, and social media for several clients ranging from to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom to the Kink Academy. You can also hear Graydancer as a guest on various podcasts such as Polyamory Weekly and Dart’s Domain, or his own Ropecast (the longest-running kink podcast on the web). Gray was featured on Our America with Lisa Ling: 50 Shades of Kink which aired in January of 2013 on the Oprah Winfrey Network. While his roots lie in bondage, Gray’s focus has evolved over time to subjects such as power exchange relationships, cigar play, and the educational aspects of kink. He was the first to apply Open Space principles to a kink event, creating GRUEs which have been held at over 45 locations in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Currently he resides in the Bondage Capital of the World, Madison, WI where he is working on becoming a total GILF.

The easiest way to get hold of Graydancer is to email him: He’s also Graydancer on Twitter, Fetlife, Facebook, and anywhere else he can get away with it.

Creative Protocols for D/S Relationships - At its essence, being in a D/s relationship is an exercise in creativity. How do you create the interactions and habits that nurture your relationship and also stimulate your dominant and submissive natures? How can you structure and utilize your environment to support the power exchange relationship? What are some strategies for when the well runs dry? Gray and Naiia will break down some common elements of protocols and then lead attendees in exercises to come up with effective methods for creating new protocols to bring partners closer and make the D/s even hotter.

Wicked Lines - Co teaching with Dana Pellebon
Two back to back time slots become the space for you to see what this is all about. - - (Description to come)


Bio: I am Jedaii. Jedaii is both a title and a name making Jedaii androgynous; however, Jedaii does not answer to she or it. Jedaii is an entity with an identity. Jedaii is plural and singular. And Jedaii is pro dark side.

Most of my time in the community I’ve practitioned rope and gotten quite proficient with it. I’ve picked up other skills such as impact play, rough body play and fire play; all which fall under the umbrella of sensationalist/sensation play. That makes me a Jedaii with a knack for touching people and making them hurt i.e. a Sith insert wicked grin

I like to spend a vast majority of my free time trying to give back to the community and friends that I torment relentlessly. I volunteer as orientation personnel, at events in the area when able and I even recently started a group for the constant continued growth of rope. I’m a big bite of a tiny bit of a lot to take in and if I can’t help you, I probably know someone who can.

Welcome to the Dark Side

Panel Discussion with Aaron & Mistress Mayhem - Navigating kink and community spaces for Newbs and Vets - When I am brand new and when I'm seasoned and need to adapt.

June Day

Bio: June Day has been practicing play piercing for ten years and is a certified First Responder.

Play Piercing 101: Learn what you need to get started sticking needles in people. This class covers supplies, safety, technique, and cleanup. Time permitting, supplies will be available for practice (byob).

Play piercing 201: Learn advanced techniques, such as weaving, improvised sutures, and attaching limbs together.


Bio: Marcus, aka Karcus is the creator of Sabbat de Sade and co-host of Leather + Lace. A pan fetishist and described as the "kinkiest boy in the world" for his wide array of kinky interests and proficiencies. Whether its flesh-hooks, rope bondage, deviant doctor, or Daddy - you can guarantee the scenes will be elaborate. Karcus began his involvement in the kink community by following and learning from the dominant men and women in the scene and would often play at private parties until the sun came up prior to his involvement at SdS or L+L.

Variations Of Power Exchange - BDSM has long been associated with Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism. However, Power Exchange can take many forms. Join us in a discussion on variations and perhaps learn more approaches to kink than you considered. Consent will also be discussed, but more in how to negotiate power exchange scenes so feelings aren't hurt and all parties involved get what they want - a good time.

Age Play - 
Age Play is one of the few remaining taboo kinks that people rarely talk about. Diapers & pacifiers, rebellious teens, bedtime stories, and pretend prom dates are just a few examples.  Lets take a look at what age play means within role playing. For those more than curious, we'll share resources and some helpful suggestions for getting into the head-space.

The Lord

Bio: Decades ago a mutant bird shat upon a rock. Three days later the Lord was hatched. Rejected by the Hellraiser cosplayers who found him, he was raised by wolves for eighteen years. 

Alienating his wolf pack through bad puns, the Lord went off to fight lake pirates until he was twenty-two when he was captured by grammar Nazis.

The Lord then spent two years in a Siberian gulag earning a reputation as a prize fighter in the fat mines of Schmaltzberg. His fortunes changed when he was heroically rescued by himself from the future after which he was recruited by The Grand High Council of Kink.

The Council sent the Lord to the monks of The Order of St. Spankelonious for training and study in The Library of the Illuminaughty. For many years he trained and studied with the monks learning all their secrets.

Eventually the Lord brought all his knowledge and experience with him to the Madison area where he trains new adepts in the secret arts of kink-fu. Though his true identity and home the, 'House of Mysteries' are kept secret to all except for those who ask him.

If you're still reading this, yes it's all false. Because the truth is much more bizzare.

Operation, Electric PerversionSpecial guest Diva Electrique
The Lord will show how he designed and created the operation games with demonstrations and play tests.

Beauty of the Collar Lecture - An illuminated discussion of the different styles and purposes of the collar in the alternative/kink/BDSM community.

D20-Collar Design - Workshop - Goal: Shortcut to genius level style combination and design - Using a D-20 and a corresponding chart students will be tasked with designing a collar using randomly generated style combinations needing to be integrated into a cohesive design for a collar.

Mistress Mayhem

Bio: Mistress Mayhem is a mentor, educator, photographer, artist, writer, active in the BDSM life-style for over 20 years. She is creator of Mayhem, a Sensualist, a hedonist, and a woman who loves to cause general mischief. It is her desire to share her passions. For her BDSM is raw and passionate, with a twisted sensual nature she gains the greatest joy from getting inside your head and under your skin. Often she lives vicariously through her camera lens, connecting and capturing and recording the amazing and beautiful human condition and the fragile beauty that is to her the heart of BDSM. Attending and shooting for events led to a desire to share and show to the outside world the real magic of the lifestyle. From that grew her desire to share her passions through teaching.

Poly with you - Co-taught with Spike
Two different views on polyamory - but one goal. Finding harmony with your own poly and that of your partner. What’s it like when two very different kinds of people make a poly life together. This will be a frank, but irreverent discussion and shared open conversation about a contentious topic.

Panel Discussion with Aaron & Jedaii - Navigating kink and community spaces for Newbs and Vets - When I am brand new and when I'm seasoned and need to adapt.


Bio: Naiia is a masochistic, bottom-leaning switch who has been in the public BDSM life for about eight years. She started out in rope and while it continues to be something she loves her path seems to be leading her toward M/s and Leather. Naiia also has been starting to teach about the importance of addressing how age, injury, and mental health play a part in what it is we do. As Graydancer’s serva she has been demo bottom, native guide, personal assistant and on-call courtesan and is now adding co-presenter and presenter to that list. Naiia has worked at events such as Shibaricon, DO Fusion, DO Surrender, DO SummerCamp, MadTownKinkFest, Ropecraft, BED, TesFest, Iowa Rope Intensive, Iowa D/s Intensive,  SINergy and many GRUEs. Naiia also co-presented and performed with Graydancer at Power Exchange Summit 2014 and Twisted Windows June 2016.

Stretch and Feel Good - (Description to come)

The Rigger Wore Chaps: Rope, Leather, & D/s - Co teaches with Gray - This class will start by exploring the history and myths of both leather and rope communities, as well as the traditions and values they share – or don’t. We will also look at the various kinds of roles and relationships that have developed in the communities and the way they intersect – from basics like tops, bottoms and switches to more specialized relationships like “rope bunnies”, “nawashi”, “Master”, etc. Once this groundwork is covered Gray and Naiia will talk about the practical aspects of having a foot in both worlds, and both give examples and invite suggestions about the problems and solutions that might come up.

Rowan Calyx

Bio: Rowan Calyx is a youthful forty-something transmasculine human who has taught sexuality, kink, gender and Tantra topics both in and outside the community, for the past 8+ years. He presents at regional events, conferences, dungeons/clubs and sex shops primarily in the Midwest. He is a certified Tantra practitioner and espouses a radically inclusive approach to intimate, energetic connections inherent in the roles we play. Rowan believes that during sexual experience we can connect on a primal and visceral level beyond words, where we are most ourselves. His personal experiences with C-PTSD and chronic pain have made him an avid proponent of continuous and informed consent focusing on mutual responsibility and self- knowledge. He enjoys spending time with his partner Severus Snape watching Hannibal and having relaxed dinners, reading fiction and social justice topics, living with a minimalist focus, and creating educational programming for the transgender community and about issues affecting them in Madison. You can find him as RakishRowan on FetLife.

Sex and the Many Senses: A Gourmet Indulgence (discussion-based workshop; may be changed to include a demo portion in the future) – created for newbies, but can be retooled for experienced kinksters

Most people think of us as having five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Often overlooked are the additional senses that, when manipulated, can create a sexual atmosphere and scene that is both provocative and consuming. We will explore the senses of temperature, kinesthesia, pain, balance, acceleration, and interoception. We will discuss methods of stimulating these and using them to set the tone for a sexual/sensual encounter. Learn how to ensnare the object of your desire by stimulating their senses, and ways to expertly ride the waves of sensation to mutually create an intimate and heady experience.

Aces/Demis -


Bio: ruby is an“intensity-slut” ,an experienced bottom and masochist, and a service-oriented slave with a heart for community and a proclivity for intelligent discussion. She believes that kink is best enacted in community, that people on the right side of the slash should talk to and support each other, and her workshops are an opportunity for bottoms, submissives and slaves to do just that!

Cookie Decorating - She will bring the cookies and things and you come and bring your creativity to create some lovely and perhaps kinky cookies to share.

Bratting - Let's discuss all the facets, pros and cons, and ins and out of Bratting! What do we get from bratting? When does bratting work and when does it not? Is “Brat” a noun, a verb, or a tasty food? How do we find good Tops who love and enhance all our best bratty selve? Bratting is a topic that always sparks lively discussion and debate! Come discuss and learn all the different aspects of bratting, learn what works for you and what doesn’t, and become better equipped to communicate that with play partners.


Bio: Samara has been in the community for about 13 years. She has been a DM chair for the past 3 years at Kinky Kollege and has been the Head DM at KGN for about 5 years. She is a big believer in positive communication and general kinky shenanigans.

HOW TO NEGOTIATE FOR WHAT YOU WANT - Ever leave a scene and feel like you and the person you just played with had different expectations of what was going to happen? Have trouble explaining what you want because your not familiar with the terminology? This class will discuss how to negotiate to get what you want when you may not know the terminology or you may be hesitant because of a disability. We all have been there, so lets talk about it!


Bio: Severus Snape is not merely a professor. A local artist, a trans activist, song writer, performer, and a passionate member of the kinky community, she is best known in the Midwest scene for her passion for uniform and interrogation play. When she is not busy writing a song, painting, or beating up people in various fields of play, she enjoys spending time with her chosen family and adorable dog.

Interogation - Interrogation 103: Creating an Orwellian Fantasy - Interrogation play from the standpoint of an Orwellian fantasy (a fantasy unfortunately based on not-so-distant past) draws from the sinister arsenal of the secret state police of totalitarian regimes. The suspect is doomed, guilty or not. The ultimate purpose of such interrogation is to disintegrate the person and make the person totally malleable to the interrogator's will. If you want dark stuff, this is it.

Cross Dressing - Crossdressing/Genderfucking: Dressing for Pleasure - Genderbending from all possible angles is one of the esteemed forms of kinky and erotic play. Simply stepping into the shoes of the gender different from the one assigned at birth can be exceptionally empowering and sexy. This workshop will address the ins, outs, and what-have-yous of genderbending and gender play and explore various aspects of how to crossdress for success.


Bio: Skully has been in the scene for close to 7 years now.  He originally hails from Massachusetts with over 10 years of culinary experience and instruction.  You have probably seen him doing the teardown at some of your events, or running the knives station for Tapas at Kinky Kollege.  "Please do not get offended if he asks if he can cut you", he just likes to get that question out of the way first.

FUN WITH SHARP POINTIES! - This is a very basic intro into blades class. To figure out if you will be using sharp or dull instruments. The different negotiating skills needed for bladed play example "what does a red line mean to you?"
Where can you find the pretties? How to care for them.  What to do when something goes wrong?
Toy bag basics for bladed fun.
Time permitting some actual hands on time at the end of class for instruction or skill learning.


Bio: I've been teaching a variety of things professionally and more casually since the early '80s. Inherited a great love of creation, language and craft. Wordsmith from sometime in the '70s; blacksmith from '99. Knew I was different from before I can remember and that I wasn't alone about the time I saw Diana Rigg on the Avengers. "Snowfalcon" as a "handle" dates back to Compuserve in the '80s.

"Scene as Journey: Beyond Technique"
With safety, sanity and consent in hand we do the things right. I invite you to spend some time discussing and exploring the context of a scene. From the several perspectives of the word "play", especially where it connects with journey, story, myth, and archetype let's explore the breadth and depth of a scene's arc. Drawing on years of exploring literature and myth, musing with the likes of Campbell and others, gaming, story-telling, history and culture, let's poke around in the microcosm of a "scene" and connect it to the macrocosm of our journeys. Light on "woo", heavy on archetype, symbol, and culture.
Budget Metal Bondage -


Bio: A BDSM player for over 20 years, Spike doesn’t play with one aspect of BDSM, he enjoys playing with them all. A rope artist, a whip aficionado, a sub, a Daddy, a pony; he enjoys being all of them.  Spike’s wry sense of humor and timing ensures a lively conversation at any event. He resides in Madison, Wisconsin with his Mistress: Mistress__Mayhem. Spike has presented at Shibaricon, Beyond Leather, and Madtown Kinkfest. When he’s not playing with rope, Spike enjoys cracking whips, being a DJ and spinning fire.

Poly with you - Co-taught with Mistress Mayhem
Two different views on polyamory - but one goal. Finding harmony with your own poly and that of your partner. What’s it like when two very different kinds of people make a poly life together. This will be a frank, but irreverent discussion and shared open conversation about a contentious topic.


Bio: Stranger found home in the world of BDSM in 2014 and currently resides in the Madison, WI area. They are a top-leaning switch with a passion for inspiring pain, pleasure, smiles, tears, fears, tenderness, and raw human connection. Stranger has a special love for rope bondage, and enjoys tying and being tied with intention and excessive eye-contact, geeking out about technique and learning through teaching, and exploring discipline through self-tying and dynamic self-suspensions. When not at kink events, Stranger can be found introverting in their blankets and playing video games, having Indian food mouth-orgasms, or deeply weeping over every single one of J.S. Bach's violin sonatas.

"Rope + Dildo = Dildosaurus Sex!"

Sex isn’t just in the hips. This creative class is not bound by conventional dildo strap-on placement. Want to tie a dildo to your boot? Chest? Anywhere you want?! What may start as quirky shenanigans can lead to pleasurable explorations of some dildo-tastic possibilities for queer sex and sex for bodies with different abilities. If you have one, bring any kind of dildo with a flared base; participation is encouraged!

Explorations of Self-Tying

Why self-tie? This class will explore that question and more. We will discuss a variety of intentions behind self-tying, then create a space for sharing self-tying tips and for practicing tying up your own body (no matter your flexibility level, gender, or body type). The specific ties we explore in class will primarily be based on the participants' specific interests. No previous rope experience needed, and participation is encouraged.


Bio: Travis Wilson had a long professional career as an attorney, beginning in 1972, and has been in the Leather/BDSM lifestyle almost as long. He was one of the founders of Houston’s PEP, and was Chairman of that organization for many years.  He was a founder of the Houston S&M Ball, and was Chairman or Co-Chair of that BDSM/Leather event for the first eight Balls, helping to make it an internationally known and respected Fetish event.

Travis has been a presenter at Leather/BDSM events for many years, presenting at such events (many of them multiple times) as Washington D.C.’s Black Rose, Beat me in St. Louis, Oklahoma’s Tribal Fire, Oklahoma’s Leather and Lace , Chicago’s Sinsations in Leather and Kinky Kollege, Texas Leather Pride, the Austin GWNN Bash  , the NLA’s Living in Leather, Camp Crucible , Texas Latex Party, Ms. Gulf Coast Leather, Dallas’ Beyond Vanilla, Dressing For Pleasure, two events in Albuquerque, multiple Madtown Kinkfest events in Madison, Wisconsin, two campout events in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the Twisted Tryst camping events in Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, 2 of the Spank Camp events in  Wisconsin, and many more events.

He has also been the sole presenter for weekends of presentations for a number of different BDSM groups around the country, including organizations in Wisconsin, Oklahoma, New Orleans, Illinois, Baton Rouge, Nebraska, Alabama, Washington D.C., South Dakota, and Texas.

He has been a facilitator for the Master’s Retreat held in Dallas, Texas.

In April of 2004, he was the keynote speaker at the Leather Leadership Conference 8.   In 2008, he was the Keynote speaker for Black Rose. In July of 2009 he presented the keynote address for the GWNN Bash and was, again, one of the keynote speakers for the GWNN Bash in 2013. He also gave the keynote speech for Beyond Vanilla in Dallas in September of 2009.

He has served on the Board of Directors of the Leather Leadership Conference.

Now Travis, while continuing to give his longstanding classes, focuses a lot on doing joint workshops with his wife/slave, the lovely WolfMoon73. Together they teach blood play/piercing and communication classes. Separately, WolfMoon teaches classes on Bootblacking.

When not working or playing with his leather Toys, Travis plays trumpet in Jazz, Rock/Blues/R&B, and church “praise” bands. Hey, a guy has to have some fun once in a while.

Bullwhips - Noise, pain, passion, sensations of all kinds. From the gentle feel of leather wrapping around the body to harsh cracks resounding against skin, leaving marks as harsh as you dare, or kisses as gentle as a breeze.. Single tails can take you all the way, however fast, and however hard you want. Loving and sensual, cruel and biting. Come learn the basics on what makes them work, how to use them safely, how to choose the style that works for you, how to practice, and how to play them in ways that excite both you and your partner. You will be surprised at the ease in which you can learn this exciting BDSM tool.

Blood Lust Play - Blood play. Blood passion. Blood lust. Not just seeing blood as a byproduct of a scene to be carefully cleaned off, but having the blood as the focal point of your scene to be kissed and licked and loved. Going  a bit beyond sane sometimes. Focusing on the HEAT, focusing on the intimacy. Cover yourself and your partner. Feel them, taste them. Smell them. Think of sex without condoms but more heat. It is THAT feeling we want.

This is not a safety class or a “learn to pierce class”. Yes we will touch on safety, because we are playing with serious amounts of blood. But this is not where to come for beginning blood knowledge. We will pierce and cut, but this may not be the class to attend to learn to pierce and cut. This class is about the passion of playing with blood. Through cutting with knives and scalpels. Through piercing. Through vampire gloves. Through blood cupping.

Blood turns us on. It turns on many of the people that  we most love to play with. And when alone, not in the public dungeons, we play in intense and, yes, risky ways that may not please the safety police. (yea , yea we will talk about playing fun in public too. Hey we all have to make our compromises with the world)

So come and share your ideas. Maybe the vampire movies and shows turn you on. Maybe the old grade B slasher movies touched a nerve. Maybe you just KNOW that blood equates to heat which equates to passion for you. But come and share your ideas. Let’s learn together how to make these scenes about bonding and connection and sex and not about technique.

Bio: TypeAtypical is an asexual rigger that started out over a decade ago strictly as a bottom, with rope being the furthest thing from his mind. While he picked up some rope basics from a very talented friend, he knew it would never really be his thing—Rope was slow and boring, and after all, he was a bottom. Somewhere along the way though, something clicked, things changed, and now he has been tying religiously for nearly three years.

For TypeAtypical, rope is about creativity, exploration, connection, and sarcastic, irreverent fun (Rope is Super Serious Business!). He is a staunch advocate that rope doesn’t need to be sexual to be rewarding, and loves tying across a variety of spectra of genders, orientations, body types, and experience levels. He believes everyone has something unique and interesting to bring to the table, and delights in learning everything he can from everyone he ties with.

Recently, he’s found a passion for education on a number of different scales—from one-on-one instruction, to the small group skill shares of the GRUEs, and now to presenting full classes at major events like Ropecraft. He takes great joy in spreading the knowledge he’s gained, but the absolute best is seeing that knowledge put to great use in the dungeon later on.

Demystifying Rope
Rope is too complicated. I don’t have the patience. There are too many knots. I could never do that.

Rope is frequently seen as some kind of unapproachable mystery—and it’s time that changed. This class is designed for all levels of interest and skill—whether you’re interested in getting started tying, have already gained some skill, or don’t really have any interest in rope but would just like a peek behind the curtain, this class seeks to make enjoyable rope bondage scenes available to everyone.

This class will combine sections of demonstration, discussion, and active tying along for those that wish to. There will also be a period of Q&A where you can have all those little questions you’ve had answered. You’re welcome to bring some of your own rope if you have any, and if not we’ll have some you can borrow!

Finding Your Style
In rope, the idea of style gets a bad rap sometimes. For some, style can be almost a religion, while for others it can seem a pretentious waste of time. This discussion class will look at style in a new light—as a tool for learning.

In this class, we will look at three major elements of style: Why we tie, what we tie, and how we tie it. We will work to identify how we personally interact with these elements so that we can begin to discover our own personal style. Finally, we will examine ways of evaluating potential new ties to determine how suitable they are for our nascent style so that we can better choose which ties we commit our precious time and energy to learn.

The Widow Harness
The Widow Harness is a versatile, suspendable, highly sustainable arms-front chest harness that works amazingly well for a large variety of body types and flexibility levels. In this class, we’ll discuss the various elements of the tie including the basic pattern, attachment and suspension applications, and nerve and safety issues. At the end of the class, those who feel comfortable with their work will have the opportunity to test it in the air (availability of equipment permitting).

This class is for students with a solid grasp on their fundamentals that can already tie a solid chest harness. The ability to tie a TK is not required, but is recommended as this tie borrows a number of elements from the TK. The ability to suspend is not required for this class—there are plenty of ground/partial suspension applications of this harness. Students will need two to two and a half lengths of 8m/30ft rope, with natural fiber being recommended. Students will also need a scarf or tenugui 36”-45” in length. Students that wish to test their harness in the air should bring appropriate suspension hardware. Students must also bring a cutting tool that they are comfortable with.


Bio: Valkyrian has been active in the Madison, Wisconsin community for over a decade and in various locations outside of Madison since 2016. She has spent time volunteering, moderating, organizing events, and presenting with a number of groups including The Madison Area Polyamory Society, Loving More: Madison, PolyOut, Madtown Kinkfest, Twisted Tryst, and the Leather Rose Alliance. She is currently serving her second term as the President of the board for Satyricon Wisconsin and spends a majority of her present day volunteer efforts on supporting The Freyja Project as needed at The Sanctuary. When she is not actively working with the polyamory and kink communities, Valkyrian creates art using a variety of mediums, is currently working on writing her first novel, and is a registered student working towards completing her college degree.

Fire Play 101 - 


Bio: WolfMoon's journey began in the fall of 2006 with a visit to the local Milwaukee munch group, and with a question, "Would you like to help build dungeon furniture?"

Eager to learn and explore, and with the help of experienced friends, she jumped directly into the deep end of the pool, and it's been Game On ever since!

Attending workshops, being a demo bottom at events in Chicago, St. Louis, Tulsa, Madison, and at Twisted Tryst, as well as exploring with close friends, helped her realize that the intense, Edgy forms of play, including blood, needles, rough body play, whips and flesh hook suspension and hook pulls make her heart and spirit sing. She has also discovered that it brings her joy to top as well as bottom.

 WolfMoon also has a passion for providing service in various forms, and for Bootblacking. She has been honored to do so privately and publicly, including the Exploratorium and Leather Bar at Tryst. She has also been asked to demonstrate her technique by giving workshops at  Satyricon in Madison, The Tulsa Dungeon Society, the Eau Claire munch group, the Edge group in Appleton, Wisconsin, and Madtown Kinkfest.

She is an avid professional jeweler, craftsperson, loves playing with metals and likes preparing suspension hooks for those who enjoy some time hanging from trees with hooks in their bodies. If you add in her great love for strap-on play, and a bit of switchy teasing fun, you can start getting a picture of the fullness and fluidity of her Kink life.

She has been entrusted with the care and feeding of all her Master's whips and various leather items. She is thrilled for the opportunity to continue on the newest part of her journey, learning and sharing her experiences on the Power of Blood, and Needle Play, as a co-presenter with her partner, Husband,  love, and Master, Travis.

Bootblacking - Why we shine shoes on a hot Saturday Night

Is your fetish the feel of leather? We got you

Is your fetish the smell of leather? We got you.

Is your fetish service to your leather/kink community? We got you.

Is your fetish service to that hot guy or gal or the one you love? We got you.

Is you fetish connection? We got you there too

Yes, it’s all of this and much more. It’s having an erotic, intimate interaction with 12 or so total strangers on a hot leather night.

It’s kneeling at their feet, while having great competence, and control of what is happening.  

It’s turning on everyone that sits in your chair, and being turned on all night long by hot leather men and sensual leather women

It’s being as much a high protocol server or as nasty a slut as you and the ones you serve want

So bring your boots and your leathers. Let’s share what we know. Sure we will discuss the “hows”. But the “hows” are the easy part. This time, let’s share the “whys”. Why, to some of us, “shining shoes” is as hot as rope or whips or needles or blood.


Bio: Zauberin, more commonly known as Z, has been active in the community since 2014 but has been consuming information since before some of you were born. Zauberin, which is feminine German for enchantress, sorceress, sorcerer (female wizard), magician (female) or fairy, she is free spirited in her approach to play and kink, using energy as her medium of magic and connection to others and the universe.

Intro Flow - “moving meditation” - Introduction. What is Flow? Describe the history of flow. Background of Flow Arts and examples. What encompasses Flow Arts? Poi, Juggling, Fire, Staff, Wand, Whips, Gloving

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