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Membership Pricing Information effective January 1st, 2018.

In order to purchase membership passes (day/month/year) you must first join the Freyja Organization.
The organizational membership is $15/year.

Once you join the organization you can then decide how you would like to access the Freyja Project club space.

Monthly Access allows you to attend all open member hours and MOST Freyja Sponsored events with no extra cost. Additionally, you get reduced prices on certain classes and other offerings at the Freyja Project.  You can The price of Monthly access level membership is $35/month.

Premium Access allows you the same privileges as Monthly Access. In addition, you are allowed to register 1 guest, with no additional cost (some exceptions apply), every time you come to the club. The price of Premium Access is $70/month.

Day Passes - Day passes are $10/day and $15 for special events (ex. Grind). See event details for pricing information. Additionally, there are some reduced prices on certain classes and other offerings at the Freyja Project, but generally not as much as if you have a monthly/premium pass.

Guest Passes - All organizational members have the ability to purchase guest passes. Your guests have to come with you and you are responsible for their behavior in the Freyja Project and making sure they follow the code of conduct. Guest passes are $15/day for all nights.

DAY AND GUEST PASSES must be purchased at least one day prior to the event you would like to attend and are non-refundable or transferable.

Please email us at for private rentals of our social, play or photo studio spaces. Prices will very depending on activity, space needed, and membership level.

Please note - Pricing for events and groups that use the Freyja Project club space and are not sponsored by the Freyja Project may have different pricing and event info.

The Freyja Project, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
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