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Code of Conduct for the Freyja Project


The Freyja Project Inc. aims to provide an inclusive and welcoming space for all people. We will welcome person who are over 18 years of age, with a valid photo identification. We will provide an inclusive space for persons of any race, nation of origin, gender, sex, sexual orientation, religion, relationship status, and strive to provide accommodations for persons differently abled to the best of our ability.

Privacy Agreement

Information collected for membership purposes will be kept confidential and not used, sold, or shared with other club members or members of the public or third party organizations.


The Freyja Project Inc. facilitated events and member hours are drug free and do not promote being intoxicated in our facility. We encourage responsible play, and if you are appear impaired you will not be allowed to participate in play, and will be asked to leave.

Safety and Consent

Get affirmative consent prior to engaging with another member or attendee of club events. Do not touch a member or members’ belongings without their permission. We take reports of consent violation very seriously. If you experience any consent violation please bring it to the Club Staff on duty or Board Member directly.

Everyone is responsible for getting and giving consent.

Protocol and Etiquette

By being a member of the club you are agreeing to be in a place where BDSM activities take place. BDSM activities are expected to follow club rules and be consensual between the persons involved. You are responsible for removing yourself from situations if you find yourself upset, or unable to handle what you are seeing.

We expect members to respect the lifestyle choices and identities of other members and foster our values of non-discriminatory practices. This means using correct names, honoring pronouns choices, and not making statements or jokes that are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, religiously intolerant or bigoted.

Do not interupt or interject yourself in someone else’s scene. If you have concerns, bring them to the staff on duty and allow them to address the situation.

Please do not approach persons involved in setting up a scene, engaging in play, or providing aftercare

Keep conversations in the space designated for play to a minimum and unobtrusive

When sitting on club furniture or the floor, use of a barrier is required between yourself and the furniture is required.


Cell phones will be allowed in the cell phone permitted area only - registration, common area, front atrium. No cell phones beyond that point. No photography is permitted by any persons club areas. Special group events will adopt their own cell phone policies within their spaces.


Unauthorized photography and unscheduled video recording is not permitted, and doing so may result in litigation.


You are responsible for cleaning up after your scene. The club will provide a disinfecting or area cleaner, paper towels, and waste bins.. The expectation is that you will use the cleaning materials provided in the recommended way, and leave space/equipment as you found it.

Our cleaner has a 5 minute kill time. It has to remain wet for that full 5 minutes.

You are responsible for providing towels/drop cloths for any excessively messy play and removal of all trash from the area into proper disposal bins provided. If you engage in activities that involve bio-hazard or sharps disposal, you are responsible for bringing sharps containers and bags

Play with bodily fluids cannot occur on carpeted areas. Any play with blood has to occur on designated equipment and areas.If you get any bodily fluids on the carpeted areas you are responsible to let a staff member know, may be responsible for cost of cleanup in some circumstance

Club Equipment use

Claim equipment only when you are ready to engage in play. Do not place your toys/belongings on equipment and walk away for an extended period of time. Be considerate of others who may want to be using the equipment until you are ready to play.

Please report any issues with equipment to the Club Staff on duty. We care about your safety!

Use equipment responsibly and in a fashion that it is supposed to be used for. Damage to equipment based on misuse may result in shared cost for replacement or repair.

Do not move equipment. If you want to move equipment please contact the staff on duty


Publicly held information is free to share. Do not discuss other members, scenes, or specific happenings at the club with any other persons, on social media, or members of the press.


In the event of a situation where emergency services, law enforcement or the fire department have to be called or enter the premises it is the expectation of all persons in the facility to stop what they are doing, disengage in play, put on clothing if applicable, and stay in place. Allow staff and the persons involved in the situation to interact with all law enforcement and emergency personnel. Obey the directions of all law enforcement and emergency personnel.

Reporting Problems/concerns

Report or bring issues directly to club staff or designated contact person. If applicable there will be an incident response form that will allow you to document the incident and allow for club staff to respond appropriately.

Violations of the membership policy or code of ethics will necessitate action from the board up to removal of club access and membership privileges for a period of time or permanently.

The board will address any incidents on a case my case basis and action. Issues of consent violation, harassment, or abusive behavior will be treated seriously and handled with sensitivity.

Emergency/Unplanned Closing

We will make every effort to inform club members of unplanned closings due to weather or other emergencies. Updates will be posted to the website as soon as we are able to make a determined course of action. During club hours you are welcome to call or email to find out of any premature closing activity.

Freyja Project - Code of Conduct Agreement

As a member of the Freyja Project I agree that I have read and will abide by the Code of Conduct of the Freyja Project. I acknowledge that the Code of Conduct may be changed or adapted over time and that the Freyja Project will inform and update all club members of those changes. Any Violation of the clubs Code of Conduct agreement may result in my removal from the club, removal of membership and club access privileges.

The Freyja Project, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
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